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For current litters, please visit my profile page at Puppies.com or email me.

Past litter:

Puppies from Pepper & Tad Cooper were born March 18th, 2021.

About My Puppies:

Training and socialization begins early. Puppies are brought on many long car trips with their mother to help them learn to enjoy car rides and reduce later risk of carsickness. Exposure to many social situations teaches them to enjoy the attention of people of all ages. They are also exposed to loud and unusual noises to build confidence. Crate training and paper training is begun at about 4 weeks to encourage clean habits and to teach each puppy that a crate is a pleasant space. Our puppies enjoy spending time with our large dogs, cats, and farm animals as well.

We do not believe in tail docking, so puppies go home with their tails wagging.

Our goal is to send home puppies that will grow to be excellent family pets with sweet temperaments that, while playful, are also capable of relaxing at home. I also believe it is important to stay close to the original ideals of the breed as a working dog, since out of those ideals grew the Aussie breed we love today. Even if the Aussie transitions to the city, it should not lose its good old-fashioned sense for what is right.

Puppy Care Sheet