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The Farm:

My farm centers around my mini goats and my farmdogs. My goats are charming, and far too clever for their own good. My dogs are loving, loyal, and actually useful. Puppies and goat kids come along periodically, which I advertise locally.  Please contact me if you want to talk about animals.

Mini Goats:
I have a couple of breeds of mini dairy goats: Nigerian Dwarf goats, and Mini Nubian goats. They make wonderful pets, and are very intelligent animals. The relationships they form with each other are heartwarming, and watching a doe raise her kids can redefine how we view the hearts and minds of livestock. They are usually very healthy and easy to take care of, and feeding them the correct diet is the most important thing (lots of hay, and a little grain for treats). Maintaining hoof health is another important aspect of goat keeping, as is a sturdy goat-proof fence. I breed my goats so they will give me milk, but if milk is not wanted they do not need to be bred, will not need to be milked, and will be the most charming little weed eaters you have met. A note: Nigerian dwarf goats are very similar to pygmy goats if kept as pets, since they are the same size with similar personalities. The difference between the two is that pygmy goats are a meat goat breed, and Nigerian dwarfs are a dairy goat breed.

    Learn more about my available puppies here.
I have some mini Australian shepherds, who are the most loyal dogs I have ever had. I am very impressed with their abilities, and decided that I was a fan of the older style of dog-breeding -- back when dogs' abilities were tested on farms, before dog shows encouraged the growth of burdensome fluffy coats, and when Aussies were lean with slender bone structures built for speed and maneuverability. This new interest in old-time farmdogs led me to a collie that I purchased from a breeder who specializes in dogs that are healthy, sweet-tempered, and useful around a farm. The collie I have has shown me what "Lassie dogs" ought to be: loyal, protective, thoughtful, and not fluffy. All my dogs were chosen for having sleek coats that allow them to run through brush for hours and come out of it looking just as elegant as when they went in. I have started a breeding program with the goal of saving the characteristics that I believe make these traditional dogs great companions. I make a nod to appearance, but I am mainly concerned with breeding intelligent, loyal, and obedient companions that also have the old herding instincts intact.

Useful Links:

For Dogs:

American Working Farmcollie Association, an organization dedicated to the preservation of old-style farmdogs of various breeds: https://www.farmcollie.com/

I advise watching "kikopup" dog training videos by Emily Larlham: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup

Learn more about Emily Larlham on her webpage: https://dogmantics.com/

For Goats:

I frequently go to the Fias Co Farm website for general goat advice, although I do not share all the author's views on "Western medicine": http://fiascofarm.com/